I am Jean-Pierre, and I am a trained psychologist. After years of  helping people to cope with their mind and brain, I became interested in the link between psychology and the physical side of our bodies. As you may know, many ancient Asian philosophies have always claimed that a prerequisite to a balanced state of mind is a good physical condition.

This is why I have developed my own massage techniques (see below), to help men leading busy lives to relax themselves profoundly in such a manner that they will feel the benefits of it not just during the massage session, but during several days to come.

I am certified in various massage techniques after attending several courses in France, Spain, India, Cambodia, Indonesia and Sri Lanka, where I also learned and practised Ayurveda therapy at a well known clinic.

To enhance my knowledge of the human body and its eventual disorders, I am also a qualified acupuncturist.

I am totally fluent in English.

Who needs my services?
  • You feel stressed and need deep relaxation?
  • You suffer from certain mental blockages that even affect your mind, and as a consequence, your body?
  • You simply want to feel the touch of a man?
  • You’d like to better understand the functioning and the reactions of your body?
  • You’re curious about the energy flows within your body?
  • You want to learn and feel the effects of sexual energy through tantric massages?

I have developed my techniques to address issues like the ones above, and many of my clients keep coming back for these reasons.

My Massage Techniques

I’ve created my massage techniques to let stressed men relax themselves profoundly and to forget the world they left behind at the moment of entering my place, and to re-energise themselves and to feel vibrant and full of life after the session.

During the session, I will apply the technique that best suits your physical and mental state, as well as your desires:

Pick up the massage you need!
  • Tantric – re-vitalisation of body energies concentrated in « chakras »
  • Shiatsu – stimulation of body energies through pressure points along the « meridians »
  • Khmer - body energy stimulation through pressure points, muscular massage and light stretching
  • Balinese – combination of pressure points on the « meridians » and stimulation of the « chakras »
  • Reiki – radiation of energies on the « chakras »
  • Ayurveda : stimulating multi-massages focusing on body energy points (Marma points and Chakras) and revitalisation of body organs, blood flow and rebalancing of body-mind set through a stimulating, energetic massage.

Tantric massage is the most sensual and intimate, focusing on the seven « chakras », where the body energies are concentrated. My massage will stimulate these areas, in order to liberate these energies, including the sexual energy, considered vital within tantra, without any taboos, leading to total relaxation, both mentally and physically. This phase involves a very close contact between both of us, almost like an osmosis that allows you to better understand your own body and its reactions to all your feelings and sensations. It is a truly self-enriching experience. With its origins in Hinduism and Buddhism, tantra is an ancient philosophy, or way of life, that defines the absolute union between the spirit and the body on one hand, and the individual and the rest of the universe, on the other hand. Since physical contact is essential in this type of massage, both parties are fully naked, so that the body energies can freely fluctuate between one another.


Shiatsu is based on acupressure techniques, having an extraordinary effect on one’s blood circulation and lymphatic system. This method makes wonders following a relaxing massage. Applying pressure with my fingers on carefully determined points along the energy lines, will help you to unwind from all muscular tensions and to stimulate both blood circulation and that of the lymphatic system.

Balinese Massage

Balinese massage is based on acupressure techniques, having an extraordinary effect on one’s blood circulation and lymphatic system. This method makes wonders following a relaxing massage. Applying pressure with my fingers on carefully determined points along the energy lines, will help you to unwind from all muscular tensions and to stimulate both blood circulation and that of the lymphatic system. I am one of the very few qualified masseurs in Paris in this technique, with a diploma from an institute approved by the Balinese Government.

Khmer Massage

In Khmer or Cambodian massage, I use an acupressure technique, similar to Shiatsu. This method includes initially finger pressures on the main points of the meridians. This is followed by a muscular massage and light stretching. Special attention is given to feet and hands reflexology.


In Reiki, as a result of extraordinary mental concentration my hands will radiate a heat that will stimulate your « chakras », leading you to total state of relaxation, forgetting the rest of the world, thus reducing any stress or anxiety you may have.


For Ayurveda, I perform several types of massages depending on your biological characteristics (Doshas). These individual characteristics represent the 5 main elements of "Nature" : Vata (air), Pitta (fire), Kapha (water), associated with Earth and Space.

These personalized massages use different types of oils for each part of the body in order to stimulate the main energy points called "Marma" and "Chakras". This is done through massaging the areas of main body organs. These rebalancing and detoxifying massages give a great feeling of well-being and rejuvenation. (feel good in your head.....feel good in your body !). Additionally, these massages are recognised to have a preventive effect on health (Purakarma).

For these Ayurveda practices, I was trained in Ayurvedic therapy and therapeutic massages at a well known clinic of Sri Lanka.

A personalized "Ayurveda well-being programme " can be established (see below: Ayurveda well-being programme).


In my massage parlour you will be welcomed in a relaxing atmosphere with calming surroundings and smooth background music.

For the massage, you will lie down, depending on the type of massage chosen, either on a massage table or on a comfortable tatami on the floor, covered by clean and hygienic towels. A shower and toilets are at your disposal.

During the massage I use organic non-greasy oils and creams, which are best suited for these types of massage. They are totally natural, as to avoid any allergies, and are only lightly perfumed.

How to find me?

My massage parlour is located right in the heart of Paris, next to the Bastille Square.

It is easy to reach by public transport. The nearest metro stations are: Chemin Vert (line 8), or Bréguet-Sabin (line 5).

It is easy to reach by public transport. The nearest metro stations are: Chemin Vert (line 8), or Bréguet-Sabin (line 5).

Good to know

You can choose the type of massage you desire, depending on your current state of mind and the effects desired.

I would advise you to well hydrate your body before the massage, for enhanced receptivity of your body and to avoid eventual muscle cramps. (1 – 1,5 l of still water in the 24 hrs. preceding the massage).

Being a qualified psychotherapist and a very sensitive person, you may, if you wish, open up yourself after the massage and share with me in all confidence the feelings and emotions that may have gone through your mind during the session. I’ll listen to you and for what it’s worth, will give you some advice and help that may help you getting along with your life.

Note that my services are designed to release stress and to help you relax, and in no way meant to represent or to substitute any medical or other treatments.

Chakras & Meridians

For more information on these energy points that are stimulated during the massage, in order to energise your entire body, you can consult for instance: Chakras on Wikipediaand Meridians on Wikipedia .

Massage Training

In case you want to learn some massage techniques yourself, so that you can start practicing it, don't hesitate to consult me. I can organise a tailor-made mini seminar that best meets your needs, together with your partner / friends, for anything between two hours and two days.

More information?
Want to book a session?

To book your massage session, I'd advise you to call me as early as possible, as my calendar tends to fill up pretty well ahead of time.

Should you wish any further information on my massages, don't hesitate to contact me:

  • by phone: +33.(0)
  • by e-mail: jepymarignan at hotmail dot com
  • by sending me a message using my Contact Form
Duration & Tariff

1.Tantra, Shiatsu, Reiki, Balinese and Khmer Massage

The massage itself lasts about one hour and a half, but you should plan for a total of two hours. Shorter sessions are not possible, as they would compromise the objectives desired.

Tariffs :
  • Mid-week 9.00-19.00: € 95
  • Mid-week 19.00-21.00 and during week-ends: € 115

2. Ayurveda

Duration :

The Ayurveda massage sessions last 2 hours for total and intensive body massages. Please plan for 2.30 hrs availability.

Focused and limited massages (see # 4 & 5 below) last 45mns, but you should plan for 1h availability.

Tariffs :
1. Total Body Massage (Abyanda) 2h 120
2. Total Body Massage with heat pads (Abyanda + Navaragira) 2h 150
3. Total Body Massage with heat pads and inhalation (Abyanda + Navaragira + Vakthra Sweda) 2h 160
4. Intensive massage: sculpt, head, face, neck, shoulders (Shiroabyanda) 45min 50
5. Intensive reflexology massage for foot and legs (Padabyanda) 45min 50
6. Personalised "Ayurveda" Healing Programme (Purakarma)) 5 sessions of 2 hours each 595

N.B. Supplement of € 20 for all sessions in the evenings after 19.00 and during weekends.

* 6th massage (in the same category) offered free if within 6 months of the first one.

Should you want to combine various massage techniques that I offer in a longer session, this is possible. Please consult me for the tariff.

You can pay me in cash or (French) cheque. No credit cards, please!

Personalised "Ayurveda" Healing Programme

If you wish to indulge in an individualised "healing your body and mind" programme, this comprehensive treatment consists of the following elements:

  • assessment of body-mind needs in relation to your "Ayurvedic" profile (Vata, Pitta, Kapha).
  • 5 days cleansing programme (Panchakarma) consisting of a daily 2 hours individualised massage with headpads and inhalation
  • a "keep-well" detailed and personalised action plan with a nutrition programme and preventive actions (Panchakarma), stress reduction and body-mind rebalancing plan.

Tariff of the Programme : € 595